MSI Launches “The Limited Series,” including GeForce RTX 4060 GAMING X NV Edition 8G GPU in NVIDIA Green, Limited to 6,000 Units

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Image: MSI

MSI has announced the launch of “The Limited Series,” a collection of exclusive, special-edition items from its lineup that is available only for a limited time and in very limited numbers. According to photos that have been shared online, the first of these “drops” will be the GeForce RTX 4060 GAMING X NV Edition 8G—a GPU that is perfect for NVIDIA fans, having a shroud that features a lot of the company’s green, and limited to 6,000 units. A countdown for the next drop can be found on MSI’s micro-site for The Limited Series.

“The Limited Series” deliver the same high-performance MSI brings for more than 35 years with a one-of-a-kind outlook and exclusive features to give a chance to GAMERS to add something very unique to their PC Builds.

Each special “drop” will be produced only once in a very limited quantity, for a limited-time and sold in selected shops only. As we are all unique, MSI wants to give ALL GAMERS the same opportunity to show it. That is why we have decided to offer each drop at a price very close to the original version!

Remember: items won’t be restocked! You only got one chance to get it! Stay tuned for the reveal of the first drop that will mark the birth of “The Limited Series”.

Image: MSI

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