SilverStone Releases Shoebox-Shaped SUGO 17 PC Case with Support for Up to 400 mm Graphics Cards

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Image: SilverStone

SilverStone has announced that the SUGO 17 is now available for purchase through authorized retailers and distributors for $239.99. First unveiled at Computex 2023, this is a new shoebox-shaped PC case that, despite being designed under the small form factor (SFF) mindset, exceeds the usual sizing for that standard a bit, offering 26.1 liters of space for what the company says is enhanced capacity and cooling capabilities. Users will find support for up to 11 cooling fans, as well as support for GPUs that measure up to 400 mm in length.

SilverStone SUGO 17 PC Case Features

  • Supports high-end graphics / expansion cards of up to 400mm
  • Compatible with Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX / Mini-DTX motherboard & ATX / SFX / SFX-L PSU
  • Supports dual 360mm liquid cooling radiators
  • CPU cooler opening on motherboard back plate for convenient assembly and upgrade
  • Accommodates a maximum total of 11 fans (7 x 120mm + 4 x 80mm)
  • Accommodates lengthy graphics card and PSU simultaneously in Mini-ITX / Mini-DTX configuration
  • Front I/O port includes USB Type-C x 1, USB 3.0 x 2, combo audio x 1

Designed to optimize the cooling potential, the SUGO 17 is constructed with a dual-chamber airflow system. Compatible with Mini-ITX/Mini-DTX or Micro-ATX motherboards in a 180° orientation, which necessitates the graphics card to be installed upside down in the PCIe slot. This configuration allows the graphics card to intake air from the top and exhaust it sideways, leading to the inclusion of 3 x 120mm fan mounts on top (3 x 120mm black fans included) and 4 x 80mm fan mounts on the side to effectively dissipate the intense heat produced by modern graphics cards.

Similarly, the CPU cooling system boasts a dedicated airflow path, with intake from the right side and exhaust out the rear of the case. The right side is thoughtfully equipped with a fan bracket, capable of accommodating 3 x 120mm fans, with an additional 120mm fan mount at the rear. This clever design maintains the perfect temperature balance, preventing the overlap of heat generated by the CPU and GPU.

The SUGO 17 caters to customization and liquid cooling enthusiasts by providing ample space for up to 11 cooling fans. As a standout feature, the case can house a single 360mm liquid cooling radiator each for both the CPU and GPU, further reinforcing its commitment to high-performance computing.

In keeping with the tradition of the SUGO series, the SUGO 17 continues to support both SFX PSUs and ATX PSUs, making it a convenient option for those transitioning from mid-tower cases to the SFF ecosystem without the need for an additional PSU purchase. Furthermore, the case provides ample storage space with support for 2 x 2.5″ SSDs and 1 x 3.5″ HDD or 3 x 2.5″ SSDs.

Image: SilverStone

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