Windows 11 Adds One of Its Most-Requested Features: Never Combine Taskbar Icons

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Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that its major Windows 11 update with AI companion is now rolling out, and with it comes one of the most heavily requested features that users have been demanding since the inception of the OS in 2021: never combine taskbar icons. The feature, which was a staple of Windows 10, makes it so that taskbar buttons for the same app or program don’t combine, making it much easier for users to know what they’re clicking on without having to hover on anything first. Some Windows users remain unsatisfied, however, with some complainers advising that Windows titles can’t be toggled off, while others say things don’t enlarge properly.

Other Windows 11 Update Highlights

  • The new Outlook on Windows – available for free on any Windows device
  • A new Settings home tab, where you can manage all of your Microsoft account services, storage and recommended settings – all in one place
  • Auto Color Management for improved color accuracy and better gradients
  • Improvements to the volume mixer in Quick Settings allowing customization of audio on a per-app basis
  • Dynamic Lighting – now generally available
  • For our developers, we are announcing the general availability of tools recently announced at Build ’23.
    • Dev home – a productivity companion for developers on Windows, and Dev Drive, a new storage volume delivering performance and security for developer workloads
    • WinGet configuration – delivering fast and reliable machine setup
    • New experimental features in Windows Subsystem for Linux such as Auto Memory reclaim, Disk space reclaim and new networking modes.

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Image: Bleeping Computer

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