EK Brings Water Cooling to the PS5 with EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock

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EK has announced that the EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock for PlayStation 5 is now available for pre-order through the EK Webshop and its partner reseller network for $449.99. Expected to ship out in late October 2023, this is a full-cover monoblock that brings water cooling to Sony’s latest console, covering the entirety of the system’s PCB and cooling all critical components on both the front and back of it. Illumination is provided via a D-RGB LED strip that features 24 individually addressable LEDs.

EK-QuantumX PS5 Water Block Compatibility

  • CFI-1200A (Japan, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1200B (Japan, Digital Edition)
  • CFI-1202A (Australia, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1202B (Australia, Digital Edition)
  • CFI-1208A (Russia, Ukraine, India, Central Asia, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1208B (Russia, Ukraine, India, Central Asia, Digital Edition)
  • CFI-1215A (North America, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1215B (North America, Digital Edition)
  • CFI-1216A (Europe, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1216B (Europe, Digital Edition)
  • CFI-1218A (Singapore, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1218B (Singapore, Digital Edition)

EK-QuantumX PS5 Water Block Details

  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 232,85 x 212,5 x 40,15mm
  • 2x G1/4 ports, in/out
  • Liquid volume is 120ml
  • D-RGB length: 20cm
  • D-RGB connector 3-pin 5V digital LED header
  • LED count: 24
  • LED cable length: 50cm
  • Suitable for mATX PC cases
  • Availability and Pricing

Your PS5 will shed no more sweat while it performs tirelessly to render your favorite fantasy realms on the screen. It is mounted via standard ATX stand-offs for motherboards, making mATX cases a perfect fit for a water-cooled PS5. The monoblock features rich D-RGB lighting on the front with a plexi cutout.

Like with the stock air cooling, the monoblock cools every vital PS5 component. From the SOC chip, GDDR6 VRAM, various controllers, and Voltage Regulation module to the integrated SSD NAND memory chips. The SOC transfers heat via thermal paste, and the other chips get their dedicated thermal pads to transfer heat to the monoblock. By significantly reducing the operational heat, this PlayStation 5 water block paves the way for quieter, more focused gaming marathons.

As with any standard monoblock for PC processors, the EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock for PS5 requires a pump to run the coolant and a radiator with fans to dissipate heat. Naturally, these components would be linked via fittings and tubes. All these components can be found on the EK webshop.

This monoblock features a PCB that converts the standard 2-pin DC power connector of the PS5 to dual 8-pin PCIe power connectors on a PC power supply. Thus, a separate ATX-standard PC power supply is required to power the water-cooled PS5.

Image: EK

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