Honda Introduces All-Electric, Autonomous Lawnmower That Can Drive Itself

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Image: Honda

Experiencing bad lawn care? There may be more to blame than lazy landscapers in the coming years, as Honda is the latest company to introduce a lawnmower that can be programmed to drive itself. The Autonomous Work Mower, as Honda’s version is appropriately called, is a battery-powered electric zero-turn riding (ZTR) mower from the automaker that features a “Teaching” mode for manual operation and a “Playback” mode for autonomous operation, as well as smartphone support for displaying mowing paths and more. Honda’s new lawnmower is even able to stop in front of obstacles automatically, so nobody is accidentally run over.

“Our development of the prototype zero-turn Honda Autonomous Work Mower comes at a time when technology is shaping the future of the landscaping industry,” said Hirokazu Hara, vice president of New Business Development, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “To address labor shortages and help support companies’ sustainability goals, the Honda AWM aims to provide zero-emission alternatives to gasoline-powered mowers that can reduce operating costs and help accelerate the electrification of landscape maintenance equipment.”

The prototype Honda AWM combines industry leading cutting performance and operator comfort with high location accuracy and obstacle detection. It is designed to help improve the efficiency of lawn care and landscape maintenance companies while offering an eco-conscious solution with zero-emissions. Capable of operating in manual or autonomous mode, when manually operated, the Honda AWM learns the mowing routes and patterns set by the operator. In autonomous operation, the AWM reproduces these routes and patterns, which can free up workers’ time to focus on more high-value tasks. The all-electric AWM supports Honda’s global goal of achieving carbon neutrality – net zero emissions – for all products and corporate activities by 2050.

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