be quiet! Launches Dark Rock Elite and Dark Rock Pro 5 Air Coolers with Silent Wings PWM Fans

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be quiet! has announced that the Dark Rock Elite and Dark Rock Pro 5 will be available for purchase from October 24 at a recommended retail price of $114.90 / €114.90 / £109.99 and $99.90 / €99.90 / £99.99, respectively. Advertised as being the new kings of air cooling, these are the latest air coolers from the German manufacturer aimed at high-end builds and overclocked systems, with the Dark Rock Elite being a completely new product that can tame chips with up to a 280-watt TDP, coupled with ARGB lighting. Both models feature Silent Wings PWM fans and a Quiet Mode, enabling noise levels as low as 8.9 dB(A).

Dark Rock Elite is aimed at users that require the highest performance and airflow, integrating ARGB lighting, a premium design for an elite experience, and an innovative rail system that makes RAM clearance even easier. Dark Rock Pro 5 meanwhile offers outstanding cooling performance at extreme low noise levels on all popular consumer sockets. Both coolers are built for maximum compatibility with high-end motherboards and RAM-modules and offer an integrated Speed Switch for an inaudible operation or maximum cooling performance.

be quiet! Dark Rock Elite

Dark Rock Elite offers unprecedented performance and cooling power through cutting edge fan technology and combines it with an iconic design. The 7 high-performance heat pipes are accompanied by two Silent Wings 135mm PWM fans for maximum air pressure and perfect airflow. These turn up to 2,000 rpm in Performance Mode, unleashing the full power of the cooler, or use Quiet Mode to run virtually inaudibly at an efficient 1500 rpm in super-quiet PC builds. Users can easily choose between the two cooling modes with the integrated Speed Switch.

Dark Rock Elite comes with several exclusive high-end features, such as an innovative front fan mounting rail with adjustable height settings, up to a maximum clearance of 69mm over the second RAM slot. The maximum clearance of the heatsink over the first RAM slot measures a comfortable 63.3mm, while optimal VRM compatibility is accomplished with cut-outs on the edges of the heatsink. Its unique and iconic design with ARGB LEDs on the top cover for endless visual effects and its black coating with ceramic particles for ideal heat transfer make Dark Rock Elite a true eyecatcher in any system.

Additionally, Dark Rock Elite comes with a detachable top cover for easy installation, is compatible with liquid metal thermal paste thanks to its nickel-plated base, and is supported by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 5

To improve upon the award-winning cooling performance of Dark Rock Pro 4, be quiet! has improved on its 7 high-performance heat pipes and two Silent Wings PWM fans for Dark Rock Pro 5. This has resulted in an immense cooling capacity and virtually inaudible operation, ideal for heavily overclocked systems and demanding workstations. The 120mm front fan has a funnel-shaped outlet for optimal air distribution and is height-adjustable to accommodate for high RAM modules. The 135mm middle fan is attached to the top cover for top installation. Thanks to a fixed mounting bridge on the cooler’s base and detachable top cover, installation of Dark Rock Pro 5 is smoother than ever. Both fans feature advanced fluid-dynamic bearings, smooth 6-pole motors, and airflow-optimized fan blades.

Dark Rock Pro 5 offers the same integrated Speed Switch as the Elite, which allows users to choose between a Quiet Mode at 1500 rpm (120mm front fan) and 1300 rpm (135mm middle fan), respectively, for normal applications – and a Performance Mode that unleashes the full power of the cooler and brings the front fan’s rpm up to 2000 rpm, while the middle fan runs at 1700 rpm.

The Pro 5 doesn’t just offer outstanding performance: a high-grade top cover with mesh design and a special black coating with ceramic particles to increase heat transfer give this air cooler an elegant look that will feel at home in any system. Dark Rock Pro 5 also sports the aforementioned cut-outs on the edges for maximum VRM compatibility, is compatible with liquid metal thermal paste, and is supported by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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