MSI Launches a New AI-Powered Gaming Desktop Line Featuring Intel Core 14th Gen Processors

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AI has taken over PCs as MSI launches a new line of AI-powered desktops featuring Intel Core 14th Gen CPUs and NVIDIA RTX 40 series GPUs. MSI has combined its Frozr AI cooling technology with Intel’s latest processors and NVIDIA’s flagship RTX 4090 GPUs to create the new desktop line optimized for both gaming and AI-generated content (AIGC). The combined technologies are said to provide significantly lower temperatures with improved performance. MSI has launched the new lineup with the overseas debut of the MEG Trident X2 14th aimed at AIGC and gaming along with the MPG Infinite X2 14th, which has a greater focus on gaming.

Image: MSI

MEG Trident X2 14th: The AI Flagship Gaming Desktop

Image: MSI

“The MEG Trident X2 14th boasts a range of unique features, including Silent Storm Cooling 3 for superior system cooling, an Air Baffle to assist in VGA cooling by forming cold air, and heatsinks for VRM and DDR5. The VRM temperature, in particular, decreases significantly by 19°C, resulting in a noteworthy 21% performance improvement in the ‘Extreme Performance’ mode within the MSI Center.”

The MEG Trident X2 14th features an air baffle that allows the GPU to maintain a temperature in its enclosure close (~1c) to what was reported during open-air testing with 3DMark while the VRM and DDR5 heatsinks provide added cooling and further improved system performance. The HMI 2.0 touch panel allows users to control their monitors, and check gaming and system metrics, thus eliminating the need for on-screen displays to perform similar tasks. The MEG Trident X2 14th also features WiFi 7 for the fastest current WiFi speeds.

MPG Infinite X2 14th

Image: MSI

“Aside from featuring the latest AI technology, the MPG Infinite X2 14th incorporates the latest 14th gen Intel® Core™ processors, RTX 4090, and a 240mm AIO liquid cooling system optimized by Silent Storm Cooling 2 for system stability during high-load operations. The Infinite series emphasizes the gamer’s upgrade experience, allowing for tool-free removal of tempered glass on the side panel and enabling users to expand SSD capacity using EZ clips.”

The MPG Infinite X2 14th includes a 240mm AIO cooler plus a tempered glass panel and RGB for further customization. The panel and NVMe SSD slots feature toolless thumb screws for easy installation.


Table: MSI

As MSI launches its new AI-powered desktop line with the debut of MEG Trident X2 14th and MPG Infinite X2 14th it has also revealed that there will be more to come. The MPG Trident A5, MAG Infinite S3, and MAG Codex 6 are all listed as coming soon on the landing page.

Press Release (via official page):

MSI, a trailblazing brand in gaming hardware and innovation, continuously strives to fulfill gamers’ dreams. Today, we take immense pride in unveiling AI-powered gaming desktops featuring the 14th generation Intel® processor. This marks the perfect fusion of intelligence and performance, promising gamers an invigorating gaming experience.

In our commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences, MSI proudly introduces the MEG Trident X2 14th and MPG Infinite X2 14th, equipped with the latest 14th generation Intel processors. These desktops incorporate cutting-edge Frozr AI Cooling technology, delivering exceptional performance through intelligent cooling. Frozr AI Cooling employs advanced algorithms to dynamically monitor component temperatures, ensuring rapid responses to temperature changes and suppressing temperature spikes. Gamers can now enjoy maximum performance without the need for manual adjustments.

Thanks to the latest GPU AI accelerator and the exceptional cooling efficiency of Frozr AI Cooling in MSI AI Gaming Desktops, AI-generated content (AIGC) now achieves significantly increased output speed. In the case of the MEG Trident X2 14th, utilizing the Stable Diffusion has accelerated content generation by 1.8 times compared to the previous generation. In UL Procyon® AI Inference Benchmark scores, there has been a 1.6 times improvement over previous expectations. This empowers users to enjoy high-speed and stable content generation quality on MSI Gaming desktops. In the realms of gaming and streaming, MSI AI Gaming Desktops have integrated NVIDIA Broadcast, allowing gamers to swiftly present rich, entertaining, and high-quality game content to their audiences during live broadcasts. Gamers can also take advantage of NVIDIA® DLSS 3.5 to achieve smooth and detailed gaming visuals even when playing 4K games with ray tracing enabled.

Powerful 14th Gen Gaming Desktops

With robust AI enhancements, MSI 14th gen AI Gaming Desktops feature powerful Intel® Core™ i9 / i7 processors and MSI GeForce RTX™ 4090 graphics cards, both optimized by the outstanding Silent Storm Cooling design. Notably, the Intel® Core™ i7 processor 14700KF offers a 15% performance improvement compared to its predecessor.

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