Seasonic MagFlow 120mm Fans Triple Pack Unboxing and Demo

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Earlier this year at Computex, we learned that Seasonic was getting into the fan business with their MagFlow fans, featuring magnetic connections for easier installation, and cable management. Therefore, on our workbench today we have the Triple Pack of the Seasonic MagFlow 120mm fans (SF-12025MF-P) that Seasonic sent us for testing. We’re presenting this as a quick write-up, but we’ve also done a video where we’ll fire them up to see how they sound and provide a quick take on our thoughts on them in the video below.


The Seasonic MagFlow fans are available in 120mm fan size flavors in a black color. They are currently sold as both a Single and a Triple Pack weighing in at about the $110 mark for three or $40 for one at the time of writing. Check our pricing widgets for current pricing on the fans.

One of the main features of these fans is the magnetic connectors that allow you to chain three (or more?) fans together without having to bring any more wires from the power source. This should be quite helpful from a cable management perspective, especially as a fan-to-fan cable is included in the three-pack which makes it easier to keep the chain going.

MagFlow 120MM Specifications

Model NameSeasonic MagFlow 1225 PWM
Model NumberSF-12025MF-P
Dimensions120.4 mm x 124.2 mm x 26.6 mm (Fan including magnet and rubber pads)
Nominal Input Voltage12 VDC
Rated Input Current0.10 A
Startup Current0.18 A (max.)
Rotational Speed600-2000±10% RPM
Acoustical Noise9.9-33.78 dBA
Air Flow63.33 CFM (max.)
Air Pressure2.61 mm-H20 (max.)
MTBF100,000 hours
Bearing TypeFluid Dynamic Bearing
Fan Weight212.7 g
Warranty3 years

Final Points

The Seasonic MagFlow 120mm fan kit joins the club of cableless magnetically attached fans and does so in a way that doesn’t offend the ears. From an overall noise perspective when set to full blast at 2000 RPM, we found them to be subjectively quieter than other 120mm fan trios that we’ve experienced. They do not require you to be a part of any particular ecosystem – as long as you can control PWM fans, these fans will work great for you. That said, if you’re looking at fan upgrades that can help you with cable management (by eliminating cables), the Seasonic MagFlow fans should be on your shortlist.

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