Supercharge Your Storage: Black Friday Week Savings on Lightning-Fast SSDs

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Embark on a lightning-fast journey to upgrade your storage capabilities with our exclusive Black Friday Week SSD deals. This week, we’re bringing you unparalleled discounts on Solid State Drives (SSDs) that promise to revolutionize your gaming experience. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, creative professional, or a hardcore gamer seeking seamless performance, our carefully curated selection of SSD deals is designed to meet and exceed your storage needs.

These deals may be the best you’ll see on SSDs for a while due to reports that the flash makers were planning significant price increases across the board last month. Last Black Friday, we were seeing prices around $70-90 per terabyte of space (depending on drive speed) and this year the trend is certainly lower – read on to see where we think the good buys are. We’ll add more as we find them throughout the week.

High End Gen4 SSD Drives

Samsung 990 Pro

Samsung’s drives are no strangers to the top of the charts as far as performance goes. Even though we haven’t reviewed one yet, they’re a staple in many high end gaming builds for their near top of the charts performance. Until recently, they were priced around $80-90 per TB which seemed unreasonable compared to the competition. The price drop for this week should make you look at them a second time.

2TB – $134.99 at Best Buy, $134.99 at NewEgg, $134.99 at Samsung, Check Amazon Price

4TB – $249.99 at Best Buy, $249.99 at NewEgg, $249.99 at Samsung, Check Amazon Price

Western Digital SN850X

Often mentioned with Samsung’s drives at the high end of the Gen4 NVME SSDs we have Western Digital’s SN850X model, which is one X better than their first high end drive, the SN850.

2TB – $114.99 at NewEgg, $154.99 at Best Buy, Check Amazon Price

4TB – $229.99 at BestBuy, $229.99 at NewEgg, Check Amazon Price

Best Value SSD Drives


We reviewed the 512MB flavor of the MP34 several years ago and it to be a reasonable performer at a very low price. This continues to be true today with prices as low as $150 for a 4TB drive. Do keep in mind that this is a PCIe Gen 3 drive so you won’t win any speed races, but you’ll at least have somewhere to store all of your Linux ISOs.

2TB – $84.99 at NewEgg, Check Amazon Price

4TB – $151.99 at NewEgg,

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