Diablo IV Players Have Killed 950 Billion Monsters and Died 37 Million Times to The Butcher, Blizzard Reveals

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Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo IV players have killed 950 billion monsters but died 37 million times to The Butcher, the iconic, infamous demon that’s known for shouting “Fresh Meat” before applying a DPS check on Necros, Barbs, and other classes of Sanctuary with his huge, axe-like cleaver.

Blizzard shared the statistic as part of a 2023 end-of-year review and infographic that it posted today, offering some of the highlights in its latest mainline Diablo game, not to mention some of the other titles that it currently has on offer, including Overwatch 2 and World of Warcraft.

Here are some of the figures that Blizzard shared, including how some Battle.net users have been with the service for over two decades:

Image: Blizzard Entertainment
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

And here’s a breakdown of some of Blizzard’s key accomplishments in 2023, including Diablo IV’s “amazing launch” and Diablo Immortal turning a year old:

  • The World of Warcraft team worked hard throughout the year to ensure there was always something fun to do in both Dragonflight and Classic, with more players joining us right now than we saw at the launch of Dragonflight! The WoW communities also worked together to raise USD $1.5 million for BlueCheck Ukraine.
  • Hearthstone launched three expansions – taking us to a music festival, allowing us to wield the power of the Titans, before finally bringing players to the heart of the Badlands. We also brought on a new game director this year, Tyler Bielman, and the team continues to inspire with their creativity.
  • Warcraft Rumble launched at BlizzCon, and millions of players around the world are reveling in the joyful chaos.
  • Diablo IV had an amazing launch, and Season of Blood is a great example of how the team is growing their game alongside their players.
  • Diablo Immortal celebrated its first anniversary while introducing the first new class for the universe in nearly 10 years, the Blood Knight.
  • Overwatch 2 celebrated Pride in-game for the first time ever, and joined forces for legendary crossovers with our very own Diablo, One-Punch Man and LE SSERAFIM.

Blizzard goes on to tease what players can expect in 2024, including Vessel of Hatred, Diablo IV’s first expansion, featuring a brand-new class that will complement today’s Rogue, Necro, Barb, Sorc, and Druid options:

Diablo IV will have new seasons, and its first expansion, Vessel of Hatred, will also be released in 2024: this will continue the story of Mephisto and Neyrelle, and bring with it a brand-new class never before seen in the Diablo universe. Overwatch 2 will have three new heroes next year (Venture, a hero codenamed Space Ranger, and a yet-to-be-revealed tank), the new Clash mode, a rework of Competitive mode, and much more.

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