Seasonic Unveils Power Cables with New 90-Degree Angled 12V-2×6 Power Connector for Next-Gen GPUs

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Image: Seasonic

Seasonic has revealed that it will be releasing new power cables that feature the 12V-2×6 connector, a successor to the original 12VHPWR design that was developed by PCI-SIG under the new ATX 3.1/CEM 5.1 specifications following complaints from NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series users about how their GPUs were suffering from melting and burning connectors.

Here are the key features that the new cable with 90-degree 12V-2×6 power connector will offer, according to translations of Seasonic’s marketing materials that were shared online:

  • The 90-degree L-shaped interface eliminates the need for bending, saving space and allowing you to securely close the chassis side panels.
  • Integrated molding, reinforced terminal structure, high current resistant alloy copper right angle terminals.
  • 16AWG high specification wire diameter, precision welding of wire and terminal, stable and reliable connection.
  • Supports 600W high power output and complies with ATX 3.1 and PCIe CEM 5.1 specifications.
  • The soft embossed thread has a delicate woven texture, making the installation more beautiful.

“Compared to the original 12VHPWR connector, the new 12V-2×6 connector has slightly (0.1mm) shorter sensing pins while the conductor terminals are 0.15mm longer,” Corsair wrote in a blog post that lays out the differences between the standards. “This might not sounds like a huge difference, but it matters in ensuring that the power cable has been properly connected to whatever device is going to be pulling power from your system’s power supply.”

“Fortunately, existing 12VHPWR cables and adapters will work with the new 12V-2×6 connector as the specification is backwards-compatible,” Corsair added. “You’ll begin seeing new hardware, such as graphics cards, come out with the 12V-2×6 connector onboard and your current cables will work assuming you’ve installed everything correctly.”

Seasonic says that its new cables will be supplied with ATX 3.1 PSUs, but those who own a Seasonic ATX 3.0 PSU can apply to have the new cable shipped to them, free of cost, per reports.

The first of these appear to be going out by January 10, but users will have to confirm that they not only own an eligible Seasonic PSU, but also a graphics card with the 12VHPWR connector.

Image: Seasonic
Image: Seasonic

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