Nexus Mods Celebrates 10 Billion Downloads

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Nexus Mods has announced that it has hit 10 billion file downloads, an epic milestone for what originally began as a humble fan site in 2001 for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind before expanding to what is now one of the best-known modding sites on the web. According to a blog post from Demorphic, community manager, Nexus Mods now serves nearly 50 million members.

Demorphic putting the 10 billion number into perspective:

  • If every download were a footstep, you could walk to the moon 11 times (1), or walk The Seven Thousand Steps (2) to High Hrothgar 4,161,464 times.
  • If we celebrated every download with a slice of pizza (3), this pizza would cover 15 times the size of Manhattan Island.
  • If a file download was made every second, it would take 317 years (4) to download all files.

Additional stats:

  • 539,682 mod files
  • 128,361 mod authors
  • 47 million total members
  • 2,683 different games modded

Historical chart:

Image: Nexus Mods

New/upcoming features include:

Latest figures for Donation Points (DP) program:

  • $7,034,953.84 paid out by Nexus Mods
  • $220,939.27 donated to charity by DP users
  • $53,719 donated by users via Patreon

Demorphic notes:

Nexus Mods’ mission is to support a positive modding community where anyone can easily mod their games and create and share their creations. Part of our challenge has been to navigate an often difficult path through a global audience’s conflicting viewpoints and diverse opinions. As always, your feedback and input about our site and services are invaluable.


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