FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki Comments on a Potential Bloodborne Remake: “It’s a Title We Hold Very Dear”

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Accessibility and more powerful hardware are two reasons why a remake of Bloodborne, a game that FromSoftware released in 2015 but remains exclusive to PlayStation 4 consoles, may eventually be released following years of rumors, according to new comments that Hidetaka Miyazaki shared today following the unveil of Shadow of the Erdtree, the first DLC for Elden Ring. Miyazaki, who directed both titles, was careful not to promise anything but did thank fans for their continued support for the game, a title that FromSoftware continues to “hold very dear.”

Miyazaki said:

  • “It is a title we hold very dear and just as much as our fans…it does make me very happy to see that there are still so many people passionate about it.”
  • “I think having new hardware is definitely a part of what gives these remakes value…things you weren’t able to achieve on previous generations of hardware, ways you weren’t able to render specific expressions – [new hardware] sometimes makes it possible.”
  • “However, I wouldn’t say that’s the be all and end all…I think purely from a user perspective, modern hardware also allows more players to appreciate all the games. And so, it ends up being a simple reason, but as a fellow player, I think that accessibility is important. I think that can be the driving force between bringing an old game to a new platform.”
  • “Put simply, it makes me very happy to see it’s a title with a lot of specific memories, both for me and the staff who worked on it…and when we see those passionate voices in the community, of course it makes us feel thrilled, it makes us feel very fortunate to have that and to have those memories.”

What a potential Bloodborne remaster could look like:

Seemingly locked to 1080p at 30 frames per second – even on PlayStation 5 – Bloodborne is one of the most anticipated remasters or remakes for Sony’s new console. Nothing has been announced but how would it look? Combining Lance McDonald’s PS4 fps unlock patch with AI upscaling, we can present a vision of a 4K60 Bloodborne…

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