Corsair Returns to the Dual Chamber PC Case Market with 6500 and 2500 Series, Unveils Performance-Focused iCUE LINK RX Series Fans

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Corsair has announced that it’s re-entering the dual chamber PC case market with the 6500 and 2500 Series, a new line of PC cases that feature a dual chamber layout and support for reverse connector motherboards. Corsair is also introducing its iCUE LINK RX Series of PC cooling fans today, which feature support for digital control through the iCUE LINK ecosystem and can be adjusted up to 2,100 RPM (120mm) or 1,700 RPM (140mm).

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iCUE LINK RX120 120mm PWM Fan features:

  • Advanced performance blade shape
  • iCUE LINK System Hub included
  • Glass fiber-reinforced LCP fan blades
  • AirGuide technology for concentrated cooling
  • Magnetic dome bearing for minimal noise

iCUE LINK RX120 120mm PWM Fan pricing:

MSRPStarter KitExpansion Kit
RX120$89.99 (3-pack with System Hub)$29.99 (single fan)
RX120 RGB$99.99 (3-pack with System Hub)$34.99 (single fan)
RX140$79.99 (2-pack with System Hub)$34.99 (single fan)
RX140 RGB$89.99 (2-pack with System Hub)$39.99 (single fan)

Corsair on its new fans and iCUE Link:

RX Series fans represent a pinnacle of engineering, incorporating CORSAIR Magnetic Dome bearings, AirGuide technology, and in-house fan blade development optimized for unparalleled cooling efficiency in both radiator and PC case applications. Their integration into the unique iCUE LINK ecosystem exemplifies the company’s commitment to making the PC building experience more accessible and welcoming to a broader audience.

RX fans set a new standard in build quality and airflow performance for both radiator and case applications. This superior performance is the culmination of exhaustive research and development, meticulous performance optimization, and the integration of cutting-edge materials like Liquid Crystal Polymer (in non-RGB models). Furthermore, the construction of the fan blade and frame incorporates glass fiber reinforcement, enhancing their durability.

The RX Series features digital control through the iCUE LINK ecosystem so you can precisely set your preferred fan speeds – up to 2,100 RPM (120mm) or 1,700 RPM (140mm). Preset fan curves are easy to set up within CORSAIR iCUE software, as well as advanced fine-tuning to optimize your system’s thermal demands.

CORSAIR’s proprietary Magnetic Dome bearing creates almost no friction, minimizing noise while enhancing the fan’s longevity. RX and RX RGB fans are also the first to include CORSAIR Quikturn screws featuring unique threading for installation in just a single twist.

Since its release last year, the iCUE LINK ecosystem has been enthusiastically received in the DIY market for its transformative approach to PC building. With the ability to chain different component types together using a universal standard connector, CORSAIR has made the building process more intuitive and streamlined. Smart technology integrated into all iCUE LINK products enables intelligent, bi-directional communication with a single System Hub, sending both data and power to the entire series of devices through a single port. The result is dramatically reduced build times and simplified cable management – removing key barriers to entry for newcomers.

6500D AIRFLOW Mid-Tower Dual Chamber PC Case features:

  • Dual chambers for a streamlined look
  • Lots of customization options
  • Compatible with reverse connector motherboards
  • Unrivaled airflow performance
  • Wide cooling flexibility

Corsair on its new cases:

Building on the direct airflow and impressive performance of the 680X and 280X cases, the new 6500 and 2500 Series deliver unprecedented levels of customization. Whether you need the spacious mid-tower chassis of the 6500 for a powerhouse desktop or the compact mid-tower design of the 2500 for a micro ATX build, their dual chamber layout makes building easier, promoting efficient cooling alongside a clean and professional look. With support for the latest reverse connector motherboards, options to convert from fully mesh airflow to tempered glass panels, and a range of functional and aesthetic accessories, these new cases mark a leap forward in dual-chamber case design.

The new reverse connector motherboards are a game-changer for PC builders. These motherboards, such as the ASUS BTF and MSI Project Zero, feature connections discreetly tucked away behind the motherboard tray. This layout, especially when combined with the CORSAIR iCUE LINK ecosystem, dramatically simplifies the building process and enables a nearly cable-free view within the main chamber of the case. iCUE LINK technology takes this a step further by enabling fans and other internal components to connect to each other seamlessly, reducing the need for multiple types of cables and connectors.

The 6500D AIRFLOW and 2500D AIRFLOW are designed for optimal cooling performance, featuring fully mesh front, side, roof, and bottom panels to meet the airflow needs of the most demanding high-end components. For those who prioritize visual flair, the 6500X and 2500X are masterpieces of design, offering a breathtaking view of your setup behind two crystal-clear tempered glass panels.

The dual-chamber layout separates the cooling and cable management zones to allow more direct airflow for thermally demanding components. The 6500D AIRFLOW and 2500D AIRFLOW provide four radiator mounting locations for immense cooling flexibility, while the 6500X and 2500X can fit three radiators, ensuring impressive cooling for flagship builds as well.

The 6500 and 2500 Series incorporate numerous user-friendly features. With CORSAIR’s new effortless one-twist Quikturn fan screws, tool-free removable front panels, fabric pull tabs, and flexible doubleshot grommets, every detail has been engineered for convenience. These cases also allow builders to show off their unique style with a wide range of personalization options, including alternative wooden and aluminum panels, vertical GPU mounts, and more – all available through the CORSAIR webstore.

For those embarking on a new desktop build, whether it’s a mid-tower or SFF setup, choose a 6500 or 2500 case – and be sure to equip it with new iCUE LINK RX Series fans for unmatched radiator cooling performance.


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