Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Patch Brings Steam/GOG Versions in Line with Superior EGS Version

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Image: Crystal Dynamics/Aspyr

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered, Crystal Dynamics and Aspyr’s new collection of classic, Core-era Lara Croft titles, has received an unofficial patch following the news that a graphically superior version of the game was released on the Epic Games Store but later removed because it was an “incomplete” build that did not represent the dev’s “final quality expectations.” Shared by UroshUchiha on the Tomb Raider Forums, this patch is said to work on both the Steam and GOG versions of the collection, which is available for $29.99.

A direct link to the patch:

UroshUchiha notes:

  • “If you used mods or changed your Steam files in any way, first you’ll have to use Steam’s “Verify integrity of game files” otherwise the patcher won’t work. It requires that your Steam files are ‘clean’.”
  • “If you have the GOG version of the game you will also have to use the “Verify / Repair” feature in GOG Galaxy in case you modified something manually or with mods.”
  • “Once you download the patcher, run it, use the Browse option to direct it to your Steam/GOG installation directory. Make sure that ‘Save Backup’ and ‘Verify Hash’ are checked and click Start.”

A look at some of the differences, including more poses for Photo Mode:

An update from the dev:

We currently are working on the first update, which we anticipate will launch in the next few weeks. We appreciate your patience as we want to ensure that the quality is meeting the needs and expectations of our community.

In regards to the Epic Games Store build and related stories…A development build with incomplete assets has been available for download on the Epic Games Store. Content in that Epic Games Store build contained some work-in-progress materials that do not represent our final quality expectations. We have corrected the build to match the live Steam version.


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