System Shock Remake Adds Playable Female Hacker, Revised Ending, and More on April 11

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Image: Nightdive Studios

System Shock (2023), a remake of LookingGlass Technologies’ classic 1994 first-person action-adventure game, will be receiving a major update next week on April 11 that delivers a playable female hacker, reworked final battle, cloud saves, and more for players on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG, developer Nightdive Studios and publisher Prime Matter have announced. A console version of System Shock remains on track for release on May 21, 2024.

Highlights include:

  • A female Hacker has now been added as a playable character
  • Reworked the entire final fight with new mechanics and a unique flow
  • Cloud Sync support has been added

A peek at the female hacker and new final fight:

Image: Nightdive studios
Image: Nightdive Studios

Other major changes include:

  • Alpha Strain enemies have a new attack
  • Avian Mutant enemies have a new attack
  • Cyborg Diego has new movement options
  • Continued refining enemy AI and behaviors
  • Mission waypoints have been implemented for (Easy mission difficulty)
  • Better Gamepad handling and implementation
  • Major optimizations across the entire game — Steam Deck users rejoice!
  • Achievements are properly awarded when completing the requirements
  • Some first person Hacker animations have been corrected
  • General combat and speed balance adjustments across enemies and weapons
  • Credits added to the Title Screen
  • Improved quest logic behavior across several areas of the game
  • Players can now no longer save over the AutoSave, and the AutoSave will now only appear in the Load Game menu
  • Game Over screen can now be skipped
  • Recycle Station ‘inventory’ size has increased to 4×3 from 3×3 to allow recycling of bigger junk items. Scrapper rejoice!
  • The max payout from a Recycle Station is now 120 Credits
  • EMP stun duration has been reduced by 25%
  • SHODAN will lock the Research control room door if the player fires the Mining Laser at Earth
  • Detox patch now has a 25% protection bonus against environment hazards while active
  • Fix a soft lock that could occur when dying while interacting with a Surgery Machine
  • Items dropped inside of elevators should no longer disappear
  • Pathfinding performance improvements in Flight Deck and Groves
  • Fix a case where the player was able to clip through the world by loading games while crouched
  • Fix a case where plasma projectile FX would spawn every frame and wouldn’t clean up properly, causing major frame drops

And here are all of the “minor” changes:

  • Easier to see total counts of collected Media items
  • Added a button to the entrance of the Security level to ensure you can backtrack to the rest of the Station
  • General FX improvements and tweaks
  • New artwork on monitors across Citadel Station
  • Enemy callouts and vocals are less frequent now
  • Better text sizing for all languages
  • Jump Jet behavior improved
  • The color of some projectiles were tweaked
  • Sped up animations of using Dermal Patches
  • Enemies who are near Restoration Bays will be teleported to their spawn location to ensure the Hacker doesn’t get softlocked by being killed repeatedly
  • Save files are now counted incrementally
  • Fix ups of various Cyberspace levels and enemy placements within
  • Better handling of Hacker death in unlikely scenarios
  • SHODAN now has a surprise for the player when Diego is killed on the Security level
  • Total Enemy Reinforcements have been increased across all levels
  • Reduced the number of enemies that can bunch up in the same Reinforcement Volume
  • Enemies will remember the player for longer on all difficulties
  • Enemy line of checks include the projectile collision radius whenever possible so that their attacks fail less often
  • Fixed an enemy ambush that wasn’t activating properly in the Medical CPU room if the player comes back later in the game
  • Kickstarter corpse tokens added to enemies
  • Enemy awareness in the Flight Deck trap room after saving and loading has been fixed
  • Diego boss AI adjustments, largely in the first encounter
  • Cortex Reavers can now perform a strafe jump to more quickly engage the player
  • Mutated Cyborg and Tiger-Gorilla dismemberment has been fixed
  • Cyborg Mantis walks faster, will sprint more frequently, and HP increased slightly
  • Flier-Bots now have an Autocannon in addition to Gas Grenade attacks
  • Striker-Bots now have a Laser Cannon in addition to Homing Missile attacks
  • Flier-Bot and Striker-Bot textures have been improved
  • Fix for Hoppers and Mobile Lasers not being able to hit the player while leaning behind a wall
  • Security-1 Bot now has a rapid fire attack pose
  • Cyborg Warrior now has a moving attack similar to the Security-2 Bot
  • Cyborg Elite Guard head-mounted laser attack damage increased from 60 to 80
  • Alpha Strain long range attack now has a unique animation
  • Skorpion default inventory size has been reduced from 4×2 to 3×2
  • Assault Rifle damage increased slightly from 24 to 25 per round
  • Plasma Rifle now has an animation to unload the active Plasma Core
  • Abe Ghiran’s Head inventory size has been increased from 1×1 to 2×2
  • Missing character portraits have been added
  • Cyberspace I.C.E Shield FX has been improved
  • Wire Puzzle has new FX to more clearly indicate the required power level to solve it
  • Fix for Circuit Puzzle dead-end nodes filling from the wrong side in some cases
  • Fixed holes in the walls in Research tiles,
  • Berserk patches now cost 5 Tri-Credits from a dispenser instead of 4
  • Shotgun ammo cost in Ammo Depots has been reduced from 15 to 14 credits
  • Loot table adjustments to reduce quantity of ammo received from Exec-Bots, Flier-Bots, Striker-Bots and Cyborg Enforcers
  • Ammo adjustments in Reactor, Alpha Grove, Delta Grove, Engineering, Security, and Bridge
  • Reduced the number of First Aid Kit pickups in Flight Deck, Security and Bridge
  • Assigned the correct idle animation to the Cyborg Drones (No more hovering guns while they are charging)
  • Jump Jet improvements while in Low Gravity Volumes
  • Loading a save while falling will properly restore the player’s velocity
  • Barrel dispensers will no longer drop their dispensed barrels when the player leaves and comes back to a level.
  • Energy Drain Mines will no longer prepend multiple “Destroyed” strings to their name after being repeatedly destroyed
  • Fix for player losing Low-Grav/Repulsor mods when switching to certain weapons
  • Improvements to how the enemy AI handles changing Repulsor Lift direction
  • Reactor’s Repulsor Lifts have been adjusted slightly to fix potential soft locks
  • Fix for the player being able to exit the Diego V1 arena by blocking main doorway
  • Doors will more elegantly restore their collision state when loading a save
  • Shotgun shell texture has been fixed
  • Crack-O’s are now no longer considered Junk
  • Fix for certain wall monitors not breaking when attacked
  • Fixed small animation issue with the Isolinear Chipset on the Bridge
  • Fixed sparking cable issues on Maintenance
  • Fix for several achievements not completing properly
  • Small text adjustments and spellings
  • Music playback adjustments
  • Fixed a potential audio component memory leak when concurrency limits were reached
  • Added a Controller Vibration accessibility option
  • Improved gamepad support on MFD
  • Improved automap performance
  • Fixed several visual artefacts on the automap
  • Automap will always update the map info bar with the data for the currently selected level
  • Implant tooltips will no longer display off the edge of the screen on certain display configs
  • Fix for the ‘Back’ button on gamepad causing the player to crouch when exiting menus
  • Credits updated
  • Other minor improvements, adjustments and balance tweaks

Console announcement:

Nightdive on the new remake:

The System Shock remake combines the gameplay of the iconic original game with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, an overhauled interface and all-new sounds and music. Never-before-seen enemies, quality-of-life gameplay tweaks, a revamped hacking system and visceral new combat options — featuring a brutal dismemberment system —also await players new and old.


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