Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5 Will Support DualSense Controller and 120 FPS, Cross-Progression, and More according to Its Developers

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Sea of Thieves is coming to PlayStation 5 later this month on April 30 and its developers have been busy detailing its arrival. Aside from posting a feature overview trailer, the developers have also updated its game page with a FAQ regarding what to expect from the PS5 version. The game will support haptics, adaptive triggers, and the built-in microphone and speaker of the PS5 DualSense controller. and like the Xbox version, it will also feature a 1080p/120 FPS option along with 4K/60 FPS. Other features include cross-progression for those that already have it on either Xbox or PC as well as exclusive cosmetics, and more. The developers have confirmed that there are no plans for PSVR2 support.

Other Questions and Answers (via FAQ):

  • Will there be special cosmetics to celebrate the launch of Sea of Thieves on PS5? PlayStation 5 will gain exclusive access to four Ruby Viper weapons and the Scarlet Storm Parakeet . . . those participating in the PS5 Closed Beta will earn the Dauntless Adventurer Sails and Title as unlockable rewards. We are currently making plans for a unique sail that will be available to all players during the PlayStation 5 launch period. 
  • If I’ve played Sea of Thieves before, will my progress/items transfer? . . . any progress made with that pirate, including Commendations, cosmetics, Twitch Drops and accumulated gold, Doubloons and Ancient Coins, will synchronize across all other platforms linked to that account. The developers further clarify the items exclusive to Xbox are not transferable.
  • Why do I need to use a Microsoft account to play on PlayStation 5? Whether you’re a seasoned pirate or just starting out, you’ll need to sign in with a Microsoft account to play Sea of Thieves.
  • Will playing Sea of Thieves on PS5 require Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus? PlayStation players will need a PS Plus subscription to engage in multiplayer gameplay, but even without an active subscription, you can still sail solo in Safer Seas mode. PlayStation players won’t be required to purchase an Xbox Game Pass subscription when playing on PS5.
  • Will Sea of Thieves work on the PlayStation Portal? Yes – we’ve tested this and are pleased to confirm Sea of Thieves will be playable via the PlayStation Portal.

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