Call of Duty Players Regret Buying $80 Godzilla x Kong B.E.A.S.T. Glove: “Not Worth It”

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone players have taken to social media to complain about how the B.E.A.S.T. Glove, an exclusive item inspired by the glove that King Kong uses in the new Godzilla x Kong film from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, isn’t worth the $80 that they had to pay Activision for it. This glove is available to players who purchase all four of Activision’s Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire “Tracer Pack” bundles, which cost $20 each based on the value of COD Points.

The Tracer Packs include:

  • Godzilla: comes with the “Godzilla” Operator Skin, two Blueprints, a Charm, Loading Screen, Large Decal, and the “Feel the Heat Ray” Finishing Move.
  • Skar King: comes with the “Ape” Operator Skin, two Blueprints, a Charm, Loading Screen, Large Decal, and the “Whiplashed Unleashed” Finishing Move.
  • Shimo: features the “Shimo” Operator Skin, two Blueprints, a Charm, Flash Grenade Skin and effect, Loading Screen, Large Decal, and the “Frostbite Finish” Finishing Move.

A promo for the new tie-in:

Critics are saying:

  • “Holy f*ck it was not worth it. The only plus sides are it counts as a Mastercraft Blueprint(unique inspect) and the joy of punching enemies.”
  • “…it doesn’t do anything special. I thought it would at least ragdoll enemies, if not corpse launch them…you can’t even equip camos over it.”
  • “Thank you for your service. But you had to have known they just wanted your money for the least amount of effort.”
  • “You can show your reaction by not buying it. Keeping your wallet closed is best answer you can give.”
  • “I don’t think most of us needed a review to know 80 bucks for a unique melee weapon was not worth it lol.”
  • “I honestly wanna buy the Kong bundle just for the finisher. Lmao some guy hit me with it and it just launched me into the air…”

Some videos of the glove in action:

A description of the glove, per the MonsterVerse Wiki:

The Monarch-built glove is a large, mechanized brace adorned in a vibrant yellow color. It encompasses Kong’s right arm, spanning from the elbow to his fingertips. The glove features a swivel ring at the wrist, allowing for rotational movement, and utilizes axle bolts to facilitate bending at the fingers and elbow joints. Additionally, segmented armor runs along the outer forearm to the fingers, while gray components are affixed to the fingertips.


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