Cyberpunk 2077 Browser Mod Unveiled by Opera GX and CD PROJEKT RED

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Image: Opera/CDPR

The Cyberpunk 2077 Browser Mod, an official mod for Opera GX that brings the sights and lights of Night City to “the browser for gamers,” is now available for download, Opera and CD PROJEKT RED have announced. Opera GX is described as a special version of the browser built specifically for gamers, delivering unique features like CPU, RAM, and network limiters to help users get the most out of gaming and browsing.

Cyberpunk 2077 mod features:

  • Live wallpaper featuring V in Night City alongside his Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech that can react to the time of day, with customized vapor color, glow, and glare effects — experience a lonely and rainy Night City or its colorful neon lights during a bustling nighttime
  • Custom themes, which can sync up PC RGB lighting with compatibility for Logitech, Razer, Asus, and Corsair products
  • Background music plus special keyboard and browser sounds for a fully immersive Cyberpunk 2077 netrunning experience
  • Shader: experience mild symptoms of Cyberpsychosis while browsing

The mod in action:

Opera on its GX browser:

Opera GX allows precise browser operations, from CPU and memory usage to RAM and network bandwidth limiters. It also has built-in ad-blocking and VPN features, among other features, for a better browsing experience whether you’re a seasoned netrunner or not!

Opera GX also shared the following milestone in September 2023:

…its number of monthly active users (MAU) has surpassed 25 million across desktop and mobile devices. This milestone highlights Opera GX’s increasing adoption within the gaming community and its integral position within gaming culture.


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