Television Manufacturer TCL Debuts Trailer for “Next Stop Paris”, Its AI-Generated Romance Drama, Set to Arrive This Summer

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Television Manufacturer TCL has just released a trailer for its AI-generated romance drama which will stream via its TCLtv+ app. Move over Hallmark Channel because just as Tom’s Hardware reports, it looks like TCL has managed to figure out the difficult and challenging formula of making romantic movies and is ready to give artificial intelligence its shot in helping to produce these demanding projects. The will they/won’t they film featuring professional voice actors is set to stream this summer.

Per Tom’s Hardware:

“While many convention movie studios have gotten criticism for using AI, TCL has decided to lean into the technology and highlight its use. The trailer boasts that this is “An AI Powered Love Story,” and TCL Chief Content Officer Chris Regina touted the use of AI as a point of differentiation.”

Per TCL (via YouTube):

“TCLtv+ Studios is creating custom AI models and employing the latest technology including Stable Diffusion and others in this early exploration. TCL is well positioned to take advantage of this cutting edge technology and is exploring content development in all formats with several series and specials in the development pipeline. That development includes AI and more traditional scripted and unscripted projects. Collaborations on future projects will expand beyond the TCLtv+ Studios teams and will include guild writers and actors as well as key Hollywood talent.

Next Stop Paris is an early experiment bringing tech and creative together in a hybrid entertainment format. The AI technology used to create these characters and fictional world allows the creative teams to push boundaries and invigorate the viewer experience, while also creating new opportunities for marketing partners. The push into originals helps drive a market advantage in a noisy environment filled with content options, and the IP has many applications across the platform from interactive components to sponsorable elements and more.”

Next Stop Paris is the first original project debuting for TCLtv+ Studios, the manufacturer’s in-house production company. It has been written by television television industry veteran Chief Content Officer Chris Regina, and Chief Creative Officer Daniel Smith. Animation artists from the US, Canada, the UK, and Poland contributed to creating its visuals.

Per TCL (via YouTube):

“Story will be at the heart of everything we do, said Chris Regina, Chief Content Officer, TCL. “We are empowering creators and storytellers to use this new technology so the human experience is enriched, and we believe that Creatives with limitless imagination will drive endless innovation. We view ‘Next Stop Paris’ as an early experiment and we’re excited to see how it’s received in the town square.” “We’ve brought together a best-in-class global workforce who value the collaboration for more unique perspectives and diversity in the development space. We couldn’t be more excited about the future potential of this creative endeavor,” added Daniel Smith, Chief Creative Officer, TCL.”

As television manufacturer TCL prepares to launch its new experiment it has already been expanding content for its app channels by working with the NFL, A&E, and FOX.

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