Star Wars Outlaws Locks Jabba the Hutt Mission behind Season Pass and Ubisoft+ Premium

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Jabba’s Gambit, an exclusive mission for Massive Entertainment’s upcoming Star Wars Outlaws game that is headlined by one of the franchise’s most popular characters, will only be available to season pass owners, Ubisoft has confirmed. The season pass is included with the Gold and Ultimate editions of the game, which cost $110 and $130, respectively, as well as the Premium tier of Ubisoft+, Ubisoft’s game subscription service.

Get the season pass with:

  • Gold Edition ($109.99)
  • Ultimate Edition ($129.99)
  • Ubisoft+ ($17.99/month)

A breakdown of the contents:

Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft on its season pass, additional DLCs, and Jabba mission:

  • “Expand your galactic journey with the Season Pass! (Only available for pre-order with Gold or Ultimate edition, or with Ubisoft+ Premium).”
  • “Unlock two additional narrative expansions coming after launch, a Day 1 exclusive mission with Jabba and additional cosmetics for Kay and Nix.”
  • “Keep exploring the world of Star Wars Outlaws with all-new stories, quests, and areas to discover in two additional narrative expansions that will release after launch.”
  • “Just as Kay is putting together a crew for the Canto Bight heist, she receives a job from Jabba the Hutt himself. Turns out that ND-5 owes Jabba a debt from years ago, and he has come to collect…”

A story trailer:

Navid Khavari, narrative director, also had this to say about the Jabba mission:

The legendary Hutt Cartel represent one of the criminal syndicates that Kay will encounter during her journey across the Outer Rim. Kay and Nix will come face to face with their leader Jabba in his iconic throne room on Tatooine but the Hutt presence will be felt across other locations and planets too, where you will meet some new faces of the Hutt Cartel, so you’ll need to be careful as your reputation will follow you.


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