Amazon Has Officially Announced a Second Season for Fallout Is in the Works

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Image: Prime Video

Fans of Prime Video’s new Fallout series can look forward to more episodes as Amazon has officially announced another season. While Variety had more-or-less already let the cat out of the bag regarding a second season by revealing details about Amazon’s production tax credits just prior to the show’s streaming debut this is the first official announcement for it. Fallout’s main characters Maximus and Lucy can be seen in the promo art joining each other in the desert with The Ghoul subtly tipping his hat with two fingers.

Per the official announcement (via X formerly Twitter):

“Wouldn’t want to keep you on the edge of your seat, now, would we?

See you back in the Wasteland for SEASON 2.”

Image: Prime Video

Microsoft and fans have been quick to post their approval for another inbound season.

Amazon has also posted an official news release for the 2nd season announcement giving praise to its showrunners who in turn expressed their excitement for its support.

Per the official news release:

“Praise be to our insanely brilliant showrunners, Geneva and Graham, to our kick-ass cast, to Todd and James and all the legends at Bethesda, and to Jen, Vernon and the amazing team at Amazon for their incredible support of this show. We can’t wait to blow up the world all over again,” said Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, Kilter Films.

“Holy shit. Thank you to Jonah, Kilter, Bethesda and Amazon for having the courage to make a show that gravely tackles all of society’s most serious problems these days—cannibalism, incest, jello cake. More to come!” said Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner, executive producers, creators, and co-showrunners.

“It’s been one of the most spectacular projects we’ve ever been a part of. Jonah and team did such an incredible job, and we’re overjoyed not just by the reaction to the show, but that we get to work with these amazing people even more,” said Todd Howard, executive producer, Bethesda Game Studios.”

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