“Censorship”: Lara Croft Pin-Up Posters Removed from Tomb Raider I-III Remastered by Aspyr and Crystal Dynamics

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Image: Crystal Dynamics

Patch 2, a new update for Tomb Raider I-III Remastered that developers Aspyr Media and Crystal Dynamics rolled out for their classic collection of action-adventure games earlier this month, includes a quiet, unpublished change in which a pair of pin-up posters with Lara Croft have been removed from the “Sleeping with the Fishes” level in Tomb Raider III, leaving only a bare wall, according to comparison screenshots that have been shared online. A mod that restores these posters (and other deleted Easter Eggs) can be downloaded here, from NexusMods.

Before the patch:

Image: @momiji_doa

After the patch:

Image: @momiji_doa

Critics are saying:

  • “This is a huge problem with modern games. They can be ruined AFTER people buy them.”
  • “The pictures were hardly offensive. This is bait and switch. The company needs to be sued.”
  • “I don’t support this kind of behavior. I’m not going to buy it. I’ve put the remaster on my ignore list.”
  • “B careful there is a unhinged and likely extremely woke steam employee on this thread banning people like crazy for having based takes.”
  • “Again, a video game company decides that I will be offended by something and censored stuff. I modded it back in within seconds, but screw you!!”

Patch notes (all games):

  • Epic Games Store title build now launches in fullscreen mode on initial launch rather than windowed mode
  • Lara’s character now disappears when the camera gets too close instead of clipping through her head
  • Fixed issue where Steam achievements would sometimes have the wrong descriptions
  • Action indicator will not display if Lara is unable to interact with an object
  • Achievement “Ready to Raid” now unlocks when completing the proper conditions
  • Achievement “Exaggerated Threat” now only unlocks when completing the proper conditions
  • Achievement “Gifts of Wonderland” now unlocks when completing the proper conditions
  • The Default Photo Mode pose where Lara is not holding a weapon is now consistent between SD and HD modes
  • Improved translation in various languages
  • Dynamic lighting now corresponds more accurately to the original games
  • A special outfit for Nightmare in Vegas added
  • Bloody T-Rex Lara outfit now available in Photo Mode
  • New Photo Mode poses
  • Lara’s hair no longer expands/contracts in HD mode
  • Addressed graphical issues on many doors where the textures would flash rapidly
  • Improved rain, fire, and smoke effects

Patch notes (Tomb Raider I):

  • Windows in Natla’s Mines are now properly transparent
  • Toned down the red mist effect in cutscene with Natla placing the Scion in the Atlantis level
  • Lara can now destroy the Scion with all weapons
  • Updated lightning in Thor room of St. Francis’ Folly
  • Updated missing textures in The Lost Valley
  • Flare control option is no longer grayed out in Tomb Raider I
  • Updated skybox for Lara’s Home

Patch notes (Tomb Raider II):

  • Updated spiderweb textures in HD mode
  • Lara now properly grabs ledges when running off and holding the grab buttons
  • Resolved missing muzzle flashes in cutscenes
  • Resolved camera twitching when Lara approaches the ledge in Living Quarters
  • Updated incorrect textures on the walls in The Deck
  • Resolved small gap between some textures in The Great Wall
  • Lights in HD mode in Wreck of the Maria Doria now flicker correctly
  • Wall textures in Wreck of the Maria Doria now match SD and HD modes
  • Resolved small gaps in between some textures in Venice
  • Gondolas are now breakable regardless of the positioning of the other boat
  • Proper chimney textures are now present in HD mode of Bartoli’s Hideout
  • Graphical overhaul of all Wreck of Maria Doria levels
  • Opera dome is now visible from the outside in level Opera House
  • Updated skyboxes for Lara’s Home, Tibetan Foothills, Barkhang Monastery
  • Missing waterfall added in Temple of Xian
  • Music tracks no longer repeat

Patch notes (Tomb Raider III):

  • Updated quicksand to have VFX in HD mode
  • Foliage textures updated to be more transparent
  • When Lara collects her items back in High Security Compound, all the items now appear in the preview display when you pick them up
  • 3D models of Meteorite Artifacts were not transparent in HD mode
  • Updated hard-to-spot platforms in Lost City of Tinnos in HD mode
  • Updated missing textures in Lost City of Tinnos
  • Black water texture is no longer visible in Lost City of Tinnos and Madubu Gorge
  • Updated lighting in caves in Madubu Gorge
  • It’s now more clear that some walls are climbable in Madubu Gorge HD mode
  • Updated lighting in RX-Tech Mines for HD mode
  • Resolved missing textures in RX-Tech Mines in HD mode
  • Crevice is clearly visible in the ice wall in HD mode in RX-Tech Mines
  • Arrow on sign now turns off when using railroad switcher in RX-Tech Mines
  • Resolved several gaps in textures in Nevada Desert
  • Environments from other rooms are no longer visible in sections of Nevada Desert
  • Lara no longer dies when jumping near a wall of spikes in Willard’s Lair
  • Environments from other rooms are no longer visible in sections of Shakespeare Cliff
  • Willard is now holding elevator remote in cutscene after completing Antarctica
  • Resolved missing textures in Area 51
  • Character models no longer disappear during cutscene in Aldwych
  • The radar texture in High Security Compound does not disappear anymore when viewed from certain angles.
  • Vent hole in hut roof is now transparent in Coastal Village
  • Sparkling mutagen in Sleeping with the Fishes now look brighter in HD mode
  • Lud’s Gate and Aldwych lighting overhaul
  • Home chandeliers updated to better match the original model
  • Graphical overhaul of The Lost Artifact levels
  • Added a skybox for Lud’s Gate
  • Updated skyboxes for Highland Fling, Willard’s Lair and It’s a Madhouse!


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