Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition PC Patch Improves Texture Quality, Adds Intel XeSS 1.3

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Patch 1.3, a new update for Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition that delivers new features, visual improvements, and a range of optimizations, bug fixes, and stability improvements for the PC version of the game, is now available for download, Nixxes Software has announced. Some of the highlights include improvements to texture streaming, which is said to improve texture quality, while XeSS, Intel’s upscaling solution, has also been updated to version 1.3.

Patch notes:

  • Improved the visual quality of dust.
  • Added Interface Text Size option in the General Settings menu.
  • Improvements to texture streaming to reduce memory usage and improve quality.
  • Updated Intel XeSS to version 1.3 with improved image quality and new XeSS Native AA option.
  • Resolved performance regression when enabling NVIDA Reflex On+Boost.
  • When using Quick Slot hotkeys to select weapons, the last used ammo type used will now be remembered.
  • Improved smoothness of camera movement in Photo Mode when using the mouse.
  • Removed hardcoded Mouse and Keyboard bindings for actions such as Navigation Assist in Focus Mode. They now listen to their respective remappable key bindings.
  • Various optimizations and stability improvements.
  • Various UI bugfixes.

Nixxes on its new update:

We’ve improved the visual quality of dust effects and made improvements to texture streaming to reduce memory usage and improve texture quality. This update also resolves performance regression that could occur when using the NVIDIA Reflex On+Boost setting.

In the General Settings menu, you’ll find a new Interface Text Size option. Choose Large to improve legibility of the interface and in-game text on smaller screens. On Steam Deck, this option is set to Large by default.

This patch also updates Intel XeSS to version 1.3. This version introduces improvements in image quality, more quality options and a new anti-aliasing option: Intel XeSS Native AA. This mode improves anti-aliasing quality, without applying upscaling. To use XeSS Native AA, set upscaling to Off and select XeSS Native AA from the anti-aliasing settings.


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