Qualcomm Stuns Intel, AMD, and Apple with New Snapdragon X Elite Benchmarks

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Image: Qualcomm

Qualcomm has unveiled its full stack of chips for the Snapdragon X platform, and with it comes several new benchmarks that show how the new processors will compare positively to its competitors, including Intel’s Core Ultra processors and Apple’s M3 chips, in areas ranging from battery life to CPU and GPU performance. The lineup is headlined by the X1E-84-100, a 12-core processor that advertises 4.6 TFLOPS of GPU performance and 45 TOPS of NPU performance.

Snapdragon X models and specs:

Image: The FPS Review

Some of the benchmarks that Qualcomm shared:

A new Snapdragon X promo:

The full presentation from Qualcomm:

One outlet has claimed that the benchmarks are too good to be true:

  • “SemiAccurate was planning to ask Qualcomm about their cheating on benchmarks at the promised briefing but, well, they lied to us and cut us out of the pathetic bits they did brief on.”
  • “Qualcomm basically dodged every technical question asked. Both SemiAccurate and many others were promised that before launch there would be deep technical briefings to answer these questions and more. Today is the launch. Qualcomm lied.”
  • “…filled with deep ‘details’ like the GPU capabilities of 3.8TFLOPS. Thats it. No specs, no capabilities, no nothing. It was truly pathetic. But wait there is more, or less really, with statements like it having AV1 encode and decode. Trivialities like frame rates and resolutions were seemingly not needed for such technical briefs. See what we mean by pathetic?”

Qualcomm on its new chips:

This powerhouse processor takes your laptop’s performance to extraordinary heights. Snapdragon X Plus’ best-in-class 10-core Qualcomm Oryon CPU is extremely powerful, allowing users to optimize workloads for productivity without interruption. Say goodbye to lag with incredibly fast responsiveness. The integrated Qualcomm Adreno GPU delivers graphics-intensive presentations and entertainment. All of this performance runs with incredible power efficiency so you can go longer on a single charge with up to multi-day battery life.


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