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6G Will Offer Theoretical Speeds of Up to 1 TB a Second (8,000 Times Faster than 5G)

Assuming the estimate is accurate, 6G would allow users to download almost thirteen of today's biggest 4K movie rips (~80 GB) in a single second.

Now You Can Get Your Hands on RGB Dice

Pixels has shown us that there's very little that RGB cannot find its way into these days. Taking us back to the root of role-playing games creator Jean Simonet has developed electronic dice.

EU Lawmakers Vote Overwhelmingly in Favor of Single, Common Charger for Smartphones

USB-C is expected to become the new standard when the legislation goes into effect in July. It isn't clear how Apple's Lightning connector will be affected, if at all.

Ultrawide Gaming Monitor Support Could Be Coming to Xbox Consoles, Courtesy of Samsung

Samsung has been in active talks with Microsoft about bringing ultrawide monitor support to the Xbox. "pushing" it to adopt wider aspect ratios such as 21:9 and 32:9.

NVIDIA to Supercharge Indiana University’s Cray Supercomputer with 7 nm “Ampere” GPUs

"Big Red 200" already comprises 672 dual-socket nodes powered by AMD's 64C/128T EPYC 7742 processors, which equates to 86,016 cores and 172,032 threads.

GMC Revives the Hummer as an EV: 1,000 HP, 11,500 LB-FT of Torque, 0-60 MPH in 3 Seconds

GMC has decided to resurrect the gas-guzzling, environment-killing Hummer, but this time, it's an electric vehicle with "zero emissions and zero limits."

Matrox Partners with NVIDIA on “D-Series” Graphics Cards for Enormous 4K Video Walls

The video card producer was a leading force in the early nineties, standing firm against NVIDIA, ATI, and 3dfx Interactive (RIP). It's since transitioned to the commercial display market.

AMD Confirms “Refreshed” Navi GPUs with Next-Gen RDNA2 Architecture for 2020

Dr. Lisa Su used the term "refreshed" in her answer to an analyst, but AMD has clarified that RDNA2 will debut in a brand-new lineup of GPUs.

NZXT’s New Liquid Coolers Have an LCD Display for Displaying Data and Animated GIFs

Attention-seeking enthusiasts can add some extra bling to their setups with the Kraken Z63 and Z73, which include an LCD screen for displaying system data and videos.

Possible New Intel CPU Spotted

UserBenchmark had an interesting score show up recently and this time around it potentially resembles something from the upcoming Lakefield product line.