Analyst Predicts PS5 Will Launch November 2020 at $499

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How far away is the PlayStation 5? According to Ace Research Institute Analyst Hideki Yasuda, Sony’s next console will be released in November 2020 at a price point of $499.

This prediction seems plausible enough, as designers have begun teasing specifications of the machine in recent months. The increase in cost is also a good possibility due to the inclusion of premium parts, such as an SSD.

Yasuda believes Sony is trying to solve all of the PS4’s shortcomings with their latest console, and newer reports do lend some credence to that. Backward compatibility has been rumored to make a return, for instance.

The analyst also commented on the advent of cloud gaming and specific implementations, such as Google’s recently revealed Stadia. Yasuda says they are no threat to the PlayStation brand.

While it’s difficult to predict sales with the elements we have now, Yasuda-san expects a launch in November 2020. Assuming a price point of 40,980 yen and $499 in the west, he thinks that it’ll sell 6 million units in its first fiscal year (by March 31, 2021), followed by 15 million units in the year after (by March 31, 2022).


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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