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Sony Is Shutting Down the PlayStation Community Forums at the End of February

Social media may have claimed another victim. While no specific reason was given, Sony has announced that it would be closing its decades-old discussion board for PlayStation fans on February 27.

PlayStation 5 to Cost $500? Next-Generation Console May Be Priced Higher Due to Costly Parts

Bloomberg is reporting that Sony is "struggling" with pricing the PS5 due to its expensive hardware. The Japanese giant may not be able to sell the console at anything lower than $450.

Sony Launches Official PlayStation 5 Site, but Remains Undecided on the Console’s Price

Some believe that Sony is waiting for Microsoft to make the first move. The Xbox Series X was unveiled in December, but no price was given.

The Last of Us Part II Coming to PC? Naughty Dog Seeking New Hire with NVIDIA GPU Knowledge

Naughty Dog wants to hire a programmer who is well versed in both AMD (GCN) and NVIDIA (CUDA) GPU architectures, as well as APIs such as DirectX 12 and Vulkan.

Horizon: Zero Dawn (a PS4 Exclusive) Is Coming to the PC in 2020, Multiple Sources Say

The age of PlayStation exclusives may be coming to an end. According to Kotaku's sources, Sony is bringing Guerrilla Games's 2017 action RPG to the PC later this year.

PlayStation 5 Won’t Be Unveiled at E3 2020: Sony Bails Out of Premier Game Expo (Again)

For the second time in a row, Sony has announced that it is skipping E3, which confirms that the PS5 definitely won't be unveiled at the trade show.

Sony Unveils the Official PlayStation 5 Logo at CES 2020, but Nobody Seems Surprised

Sony's designers gave up and simply swapped the "4" with a "5." The PlayStation brand has been using the same kind of logo since the PS3 Slim.

Early CES 2020 Info & Rumor Roundup

CES 2020 starts in a matter of days on January 7th and soon we'll begin hearing the waves of new release information.

PlayStation 5 “Gonzalo” APU Features “PS4” and “PS4 Pro” Modes for Backwards Compatibility

The PlayStation 5's alleged APU/GPU, "Gonzalo," features "Gen1" and "Gen0" modes that mirror the performance of the PS4 Pro and PS4, respectively.

PlayStation 5 May Not Have Hardware-Based Ray Tracing and Variable Rate Shading

The PlayStation 5's rumored APUs, "Oberon" and "Ariel," have no mention of ray tracing or variable rate shading, which suggests that Sony's implementation could be software based.