Huawei Has Been Barred from Using MicroSD Cards in Its Future Products

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Huawei’s latest setback came today from the SD Association, the group responsible for setting memory card standards. The organization, which decides who can and cannot produce SD products, has ejected the Chinese tech company from its list of members.

This likely means that going forward, Huawei devices cannot have SD slots and lose support for microSD cards. It’s not a complete loss for the company, however: as 9to5Google points out, recent Huawei devices have begun adopting a first-party alternative called “NanoMemory,” which is essentially a smaller-sized SD card.

The SD Association confirmed with Android Authority that the decision was made to comply with last week’s executive order. Huawei hasn’t commented on how its future products will be affected but has reassured current owners that their SD-card functionality won’t be affected.

The SD Association is a non-profit organization that sets the standards for SD and microSD cards. According to the organization’s FAQ page, members are involved in the design, development, or manufacturing of products that use the SD standards. Those products also include smartphones and similar devices that support SD and microSD cards.


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