Same Critical Reviews

One of the things that made HardOCP popular was its “no BS” attitude towards the products and manufacturers. Manufacturers like to use various marketing terminology to make a feature which is intrinsic to a chipset or architecture sound like their own innovation. They will attempt to confuse you with terms that make a piece of hardware sound combat ready in an attempt to appeal to gamers. We will cut through this nonsense and as always, tell you how it really is.

For those of you familiar with my previous work, understand that I’m easily one of the most critical hardware reviewers out there. This isn’t going to change. Naturally, I don’t want to burn bridges with manufacturers or anything like that, but I never feared being ostracized by any manufacturer who might not want to give us product samples over a previously written bad review. The truth is, these relationships heal over time. Businesses are out to make money and they don’t take things personally for very long.

We will cut through this nonsense and as always, tell you how it really is.

Review Format

Our format will be slightly different than HardOCP’s was. I will be looking for feedback to evolve and improve the format over the coming months, but at its core, what I’ve done for the last several years isn’t going to change. We will still produce content as unbiased as possible, tell it like it is and when necessary, call manufacturers out on BS when we can see it and if we can prove it.

There will be some streamlining to the format coming as its gotten a bit bloated and somewhat unwieldy in the last few years. Starting with a new website allows us to experiment with the format some. The new tools behind the scenes don’t produce the same results, but starting out you will still see something that is generally quite familiar for long time readers of HardOCP.

Final Points & Summary

All that said, change is often good and I’m looking forward to producing content under the new banner, working more closely with Brent, Paul, David, etc. and being closer to the community as I’ll have more direct control over the content produced than I had in the past. We will also be creating video content such as motherboard unboxing reviews as supplements to written articles rather than a replacement for them and looking for feedback on that. If you have any feedback, or would like to offer suggestions, please contact me. 


If you’d like to advertise with us, or contact us for hardware review opportunities please email David Schroth and Brent Justice