AMD Addresses MSI’s Lower 13% IPC Uplift Claim for 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs

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Dr. Lisa Su proudly proclaimed that her team managed a 15% IPC uplift for Zen 2-based Ryzen processors during her Computex keynote. Slides from MSI, however, indicate only a 13% uplift. Naturally, that sparked a little bit of controversy as to what the truth was.

“The slide that was presented to MSI showcased a 13% IPC improvement, which is still a decent uptick and nothing to complain about.  But was it a disconnect? Was it planned in case of a leak so that if it had leaked then people would anticipate a 13% IPC uplift then have their expectations subverted when the 15% slide was shown publically? It is always possible that the 13% slide shown to MSI was a much earlier revision prior to final performance tuning and nothing to panic over.

Senior Technical Marketing Manager Robert Hallock has addressed this inconsistency in a tweet. Hallock explains that AMD’s original plan was to use a Cinebench 1T-derived IPC figure, which was 13%. The company later decided to go with the SPECint-derived figure of 15%.


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