Halo Infinite Is Launching Holiday 2020 with Xbox Scarlett

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Microsoft and 343 Studios dropped a new Halo Infinite trailer during today’s Xbox Briefing. They also talked a little bit about the next Xbox console, Project Scarlett. Both will be released during the holiday season next year.

343 Studios calls Halo Infinite a spiritual reboot of the earlier games, and it shows. Master Chief is back in MJOLNIR armor that’s closer to the Mark V/VI; you can even hear the classic shield regeneration sound. Other staples such as the Pelican and Halo ring are there, too.

It’s impossible to tell where the story is headed, but the developers have confirmed it will continue from where Halo 5: Guardians left off.

The Master Chief is our hero and Halo Infinite will continue his decades long saga. While we plan to introduce important new characters — like the resilient Pilot you already met in the video — this story is the Master Chief’s. The universe will continue the continuity of Halo 5 and in that sense contain the adventures that led up to this moment, but in the pursuit of our “spiritual reboot” and the launch of a new console, we also want to make sure that this is a perfect starting point for new players too. This story will mark the beginning of a new chapter and challenge for the Chief, but it will also respect and continue threads that led to this point.

As for the next Xbox, Microsoft released a video teasing the fact that Scarlett would be capable of 8K/120 FPS. They also talked up the addition of an SSD and how it would greatly reduce loading times.


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