Google Drive and Google Photos Changes Make it Less Confusing? Gerbils?

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Do you have a phone? Do you take pictures or videos? Does your gerbil have a google account? Does your gerbil take pictures and videos of you doing embarrassing things and uploading them to Google Photos or Google Drive for all of his gerbil friends?

If you answered yes to these than you Google overlords will try and make things a little less confusing for you and your gerbil with the new updates to Google Drive and Google Photos services. They will be separating these services as much as googlishly possible with their google-fu. So if you upload a picture to Google Drive it will not appear in Google Photos and vice versa.

Any photos or videos from Drive in Photos that you have uploaded prior to this change will remain in Photos. If you have a “Google Photos” folder in Drive, it will remain in Drive, but will no longer update automatically.

 Our goal with these changes is to simplify some features that caused confusion for our users, based on feedback and our own research. We’ll continue to look for more ways to help support Drive and Photos users going forward.” – Google


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