Ray Tracing Is Coming to DOOM Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077

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DOOM Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077 are already gorgeous games, but they’ll look even better thanks to ray tracing support.

NVIDIA says it has partnered with CD PROJEKT RED as an official technology partner to bring real-time ray tracing to the highly anticipated FPS. Realistic lighting is the focus.

“Cyberpunk 2077 is an incredibly ambitious game, mixing first person perspective and deep role-playing, while also creating an intricate and immersive world in which to tell this story. We believe the world of Cyberpunk will greatly benefit from the realistic lighting that ray tracing delivers,” said Matt Wuebbling, head of GeForce marketing at NVIDIA.

id Software’s Marty Stratton also teased that DOOM Eternal would eventually get ray tracing in a recent interview with Giant Bomb. He claims it’ll look better than what other developers are doing.

“RTX makes it look, you know, amazing. There are great benefits, but it doesn’t necessarily expand our audience or the way that something like Stadia does so, but absolutely people can look forward to DOOM Eternal and id Tech 7 supporting ray tracing. Absolutely. I mean we love that stuff, the team loves it and I think we’ll do it better than anybody honestly.”


Tsing Mui
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