Microsoft Wants to Bring Its Edge Browser to Linux

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Microsoft isn’t done cozying up to Linux. During a Reddit AMA today, Edge engineers admitted they’d like to bring their browser to the open-source OS. There’s actually nothing stopping them, at least on a technical level.

“We don’t have any technical blockers to keep us from creating Linux binaries, and it’s definitely something we’d like to do down the road,” the Edge team said.

“That being said, there is still work to make them ‘customer ready’ (installer, updaters, user sync, bug fixes, etc.) and something we are proud to give to you, so we aren’t quite ready to commit to the work just yet.”

The upcoming Edge browser is based on the Chromium codebase, which includes support for Linux builds. There were fears that Microsoft had stripped this away, but the company has evidently retained cross-platform support.


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