PlayStation 5 Rumored to Be “Definitively More Powerful” than Xbox Scarlett

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The Xbox brand’s claim to fame is hardware muscle, but that could be changing. Conjecture of Sony having the most powerful next-generation console is increasing.

A few days before E3, Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner tweeted about rumors he had heard of the PS5 being more powerful than Project Scarlett.

IGN editor Colin Moriarty echoed that during his Sacred Symbols podcast this week. Moriarty claims he had heard the same from developers who have already gotten their hands on the consoles’ dev kits.

“…I have been hearing stuff like this, too, but I really don’t know if this is true, that the next PlayStation is definitively more powerful…that people that have access to both builds for making games, are saying the PlayStation is more powerful…”

Of course, dev kits and final consoles are not the same so it’s possible that this information and power comparison could change. It’s also worth mentioning that Moriarty is known for having a stronger relationship with the PlayStation brand than the Xbox brand and so his anecdotal evidence comes largely from PlayStation-focused sources.


Tsing Mui
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