Super Tough Smart Phone Gets Owned by Toddler in 3 Seconds!

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How well do kids and your toughest smartphones go hand in hand?

I know this story is a parody but is oh so true. Even the toughest phones out there kids will somehow manage to break in no time at all.

“MOORE, OK—A smartphone that was designed over many years at great cost to the manufacturer, tested over and over again for maximum durability, and engineered to the highest possible standards before being put into production was broken by toddler Garrett League in just three seconds, sources at the League household confirmed Wednesday.

The phone underwent six months of durability tests before being greenlit by the smartphone manufacturer. The phone was given the green light only after engineers tested its durability by running it over with a car, a truck, and an M1 Abrams tank. The phone was dropped in water, dipped in acid, dropped off a 10-story building, and smashed with a sledgehammer. At one point, quality assurance engineers smothered the phone in honey and dropped it into the bear exhibit at the L.A. Zoo.”Story

So how fast have your kids or kids you know manage to break their phones or their parents phones?


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