YouTube Tests Hiding Comments by Default on Android

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The comments section is something that YouTube probably wants to forget about since it’s a lot of work for moderators. Purging it is out of the question due to popularity, but the service appears to have taken the first step toward the next best solution: hiding them from sight.

XDA has discovered that the comments section has changed in the Android app for Indian users and some other parts of the world. Instead of comments being shown immediately beneath a video, they have been relegated to a sub-section between the downvote and share buttons.

YouTube says it is merely improving the user experience with this change, but others claim otherwise. The company had disabled comments for videos featuring children back in February.

Traditionally, when you scroll down in the player window, you see comments below the “Up next” section. But now, YouTube seems to be testing with a different layout for comments. Below the recommended videos, there’s now prompt which brings you to the set of buttons above the suggested videos when you tap on it. Between the Dislike and the Share button, we now see a new button for Comments and pressing it opens up the comments section in an overflow window.


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