Intel’s “Comet Lake-S” CPUs Are Coming in 2020, but 10 nm “Ice Lake-S” Remains Hazy

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A roadmap leaked by Hong Kong tech site XFastest has confirmed that Intel’s “Comet Lake” chips will debut in Q1 2020. These are 14 nm parts destined for the upcoming LGA1200 platform, which incorporates an Intel 400-series PCH supporting PCIe 3.0. In other words, Comet Lake is not the answer to AMD’s Zen 2 chips.

That job may be better left to “Ice Lake-S,” Intel’s first 10 nm desktop CPUs. Previous reports have pegged Ice Lake chips for 2020, but the non-S variety comprises quad-core parts that are aimed squarely at laptops. The Comet Lake roadmap suggests that Ice Lake-S could come in Q3 2020, but there isn’t any concrete indication as to when the more powerful, higher-core desktop variants will materialize.

Computerbase did spot a leaked Intel slide this week that purportedly detailed the specifications and prices of Ice Lake-S in full, but many enthusiasts have called it fake due to typographical errors and other inconsistencies.


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