Apple’s latest MacBook Air may be $100 cheaper, but the lower price does come with a caveat. While its disk write speed manages to be slightly faster, Consomac’s testing has shown that the read speed of the newer SSD is 35% slower than last year’s model.

The 2018 MacBook Air’s SSD offers 2 GB/s read and 0.9 GB/s write. In contrast, 2019’s SSD only achieves 1.3 GB/s read (and 1 GB/s write).

This degradation isn’t something the average user will notice, but it does explain how Apple managed to lower the laptop’s price.

Apple was bound to make a sacrifice or two to reached the aggressive price point and it did so with the SSD. Most people will take that over it removing something like Touch ID or another feature they’d use on a daily basis.


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