The 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ Is a Retro-Styled Controller for PC and Nintendo Switch Gamers

Retro-themed controller creator 8BitDo is releasing a new pad next month that should satisfy nostalgics who want an input device akin to the Dual Shock 4, but with a d-pad that is definitively more Nintendo. The SN30 Pro+ seems like a great choice for emulation fans or Switch gamers who aren’t fans of the official Pro controller.

What makes the wireless Bluetooth controller extra special is the 8BitDo Ultimate Software, which allows users to change button mapping, stick sensitvity, trigger range, and vibration intensity. It even supports macros, meaning that long sequences can be assigned to a single button.

In addition to PC and Nintendo Switch, the SN30 Pro+ also works with Android, Mac, and Raspberry Pi.

8BitDo designed the SN30 Pro+ to play modern and classic games without sacrificing the “retro” feel that fans go all out for. It also comes in at a reasonable price, and players can pre-purchase it on Amazon for 49.99.


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