Intel Regrets the Effort It Spent on 10 Nm, 7 Nm Coming “In about Two Years”

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It’s no surprise that Intel’s CPU plans are way off schedule. Rivals have already launched their 7 nm products, while Intel’s 10 nm parts, which were originally envisioned for 2015, won’t be out until later this year.

Why is that, exactly? According to CEO Bob Swan, it’s because Intel was too “aggressive” in its pursuit of 10 nm and spent way too much time trying to maximize its potential. “At a time when it was getting harder and harder, we set a more and more aggressive goal. From that, it just took us longer.”

Swan says the company has learned a valuable lesson and hints that 7 nm products are on track for 2021.

“The short story is we learned from it,” Swan said. The next generation of manufacturing improvements will be ready in about two years, he said. Intel is internally emphasizing greater sharing of information between units. The goal is to “pull entire company together” through “more truth and transparency and the free flow of information, Swan said.


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