MSI’s 16 MB BIOS chips have officially bit them in the butt. The company has opted to release a new range of B450 and X470 boards with a larger, 32 MB BIOS chip that can fit the AGESA microcode for third-gen Ryzen support without nixing features.

Only four new B450 Max boards have gone up thus far on MSI’s website, but there will reportedly be ten new models with updated BIOS chips. All are B450s, aside from one A320 and two X470 boards.

When building the B450 and X470 motherboards maybe MSI didn’t have a clue just how big the AGESA microcode updates were going to get, but the limited 16MB BIOS chips have messed up its old boards and royally pissed off a bunch of gamers looking to get Ryzen 3000 CPUs into their existing MSI motherboards.


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