ASUS’s “Controversial” X570 Motherboard Marketing Slides Leaked

ASUS had a slew of marketing slides prepared to show enthusiasts why they should opt for its X570 motherboards instead of the competition’s, but they were removed after MSI and GIGABYTE complained to AMD about them. The slides have resurfaced for those who are curious about ASUS’s original claims.

A lot of bold statements are made as to why TUF/PRIME/ROG STRIX X570 motherboards are better than the alternatives, such as ASUS being the only brand to use 6-layer PCBs. But as Buildzoid points out, many of the claims are misleading and completely untrue.

The story behind this post is quite simple. ASUS releases controversial marketing slides for their X570 motherboard series where they claim MSI and Gigabyte boards are lacking in few aspects. Obviously, this has been met with complaints from the two, who asked AMD to take care of it. AMD then reached out to ASUS and “suggested” that these slides should disappear from the Internet, and that’s they ended up here before they were removed.


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