Dropbox HQ Evacuated Due To Scooter Incident

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Scoot Scoot! Do you scoot into work regularly? If so make sure it doesn’t catch fire like this one.

The headquarters of Dropbox was evacuated yesterday when someones electric scooter caught fire.

“Based on a photo from Dropbox associate creative director Davy Rudolph, the scooter looks like a match for a fairly cheap ($250-ish) model known as the Tianrun R3 and also sold by RocketX, though it’s not clear which company its owner purchased it from. Cheap hoverboards have been known to occasionally explode in the past, typically because of issues when charging their large, combustible lithium-ion batteries, but we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.” – The Verge

Time to buy a real scooter and join a scooter gang?


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