Purism Gives Us a Glimpse Into It’s New Linux Phone

A new phone that is NOT Android or Apple?

Not even forked off of Android?

Say it isn’t so!

The guys at Purism have been hard at work the past couple years designing a phone dedicated to security.

It will be based off Linux and not Google’s Android fork of Linux.

The big news today is they have released to the public the PCB of the new phone. It even has a M.2 slot! How cool is that?

From the look I see many tinkerers and hardware geeks buying this.

“Hardware is hard, and making mobile phone hardware that respects your freedom is even harder. Challenges include finding suppliers, language barriers when working with Chinese suppliers (in many cases the only viable avenue for certain mobile phone work, these days), often dealing with long lead times, regulations and certifications. There’s also a general lack in available hackable hardware, which means that there isn’t nearly enough expertise in mobile phone hacking in the community–something we hope to change!”Purism

A little after release I will probably be getting one myself. These guys are really into security if you check out their laptop and desktop lineup.

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