There are still quite a few of us who remember when RPG’s were often simply referred to as adventure or fantasy games. It all started with simple text, nothing else, then progressed thru many stages over the decades, and now these days we have many choices of how these types of games are designed and categorized.

Back in the fall of 2018 InXile released The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep to mixed reviews. I eagerly had pre-ordered it as soon as Steam had a link so I also had mixed feelings after trying to play it at release. We quickly saw what has become the new normal, patches addressing anywhere from one,two,three dozen items either weekly or monthly. Then rumors came out that Microsoft might be in talks to buy InXile so it came as little surprise when this too came to pass. Shortly after that the patches stopped and it was announced that a “Directors Cut” would be getting released. It was released on August 27th. This edition is free to those who purchased the original version on Steam and adds new content, improvements, fixes, among many other things that make this a more definitive outing. Click here for their home page and full details. Here’s hoping this is a smoother release than the last and I’m looking forward playing this weekend.

Please share your experiences with this refresh and other similar games. With a new King’s Bounty on the horizon, and we had a new Might and Magic a couple years back, there’s been a few of these older IP’s making comebacks.