Gamers Nexus has received documentation elaborating on the compute, memory, integrated IO, and thermal requirements of Threadripper 3000 boards. There are two variants, adding credence to previous rumors of AMD separating the platform into two categories.

According to the leaked specs, “sTRX4” and “sWRX8” comprise the HEDT and Workstation platforms, respectively. The latter will support additional memory (4 vs. 8 channels) and feature more PCIe 4 lanes (64 vs. 96 to 128).

The document also notes thermal design requirements, and states that the CPUs will have two infrastructure groups: A and B, with A for HEDT assuming a 32C ambient, and B for WS assuming a 42C ambient. Group A has a TDP presently noted as 280W, a Tcase max of 60 degrees Celsius, and a Tctl max of 100 degrees.


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