Borderlands 3 Suffers from a Long List of Embarrassing Technical Issues

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The complaints are piling up for 2K and Gearbox Software’s newly released Borderlands 3. One of the major issues lies with the threequel’s DX12 implementation, which results in ridiculously long boot-up times. Then there’s the stuttering, broken cutscenes on ultrawide monitors, and language errors.

Console gamers aren’t happy, either. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions also plagued by frame rate problems, as well as lag in split-screen and co-op mode. Even menu screens are glitching out.

AMD has confirmed that the developers are working on a patch for Borderlands 3’s DX12 implementation, which will presumably address some of the other problems as well. There is no ETA, but for the time being, PC fans may want to stick to DX11 mode.

In light of Borderlands 3 PC launching as a timed exclusive on the Epic Games store, which does not have a forum, players are turning to other places to ask for help – and troll. …it’s the Borderlands 2 Steam page where most discussion is being had – and not all of it is helpful or wanted, it seems.


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