Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Probably Have Loot Boxes

The sky is blue, water is wet, and an Activision AAA-title will have microtransactions. While the company hasn’t admitted its upcoming Call of Duty retread will have loot boxes, beta players have spotted a menu listing suggesting they’ll be present in the shipped version.

More specifically, there’s a “lootbox” unlock called the “common supply drop” being listed in some of the post-game, after-action report screens. This may the new name for “reserve crates,” which is the clever moniker Activision used to sneak loot boxes into Black Ops 4 a few months after launch.

Activision previously confirmed that Modern Warfare is “eliminating the traditional season pass,” adding maps and other post-launch content to the game for free. The company pursuing other business models to make up for that lost revenues is no surprise, but with the backlash against paid loot boxes in recent years, fans couldn’t be blamed for hoping Call of Duty would leave those behind too.


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